Introducing Airloft

An extra room at the touch of a button

Airloft transforms effortlessly from a bed to a sofa


When you press the button on Airloft, your bedroom transforms into a comfy home office as the Airloft changes from a bed into a sofa. 


Work in comfort from the sofa, or use the space to sit at your desk. 

Get more done by setting yourself up for success with Airloft. Reserve yours for free.

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Work from home in comfort

Turn your room into a

social space

 Build closer relationships with your housemates and friends. 

Give everyone a place to hang out by pressing the button and transforming your Airloft from a bed into a sofa.

Movie nights, gaming sessions, and late night convos. 

Reserve Airloft today to get more of those in your life. It's free and there's no risk.


Your friends will thank you. 

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Easy and convenient

Airloft transforms via built-in buttons, or through the Starcity mobile app.


Changing Airloft from bed to sofa (and back) is as easy as walking into the next room. 

Leave your pillows right where they are. Don't fuss with anything. Literally just roll out of bed and press the button. 

It's that easy. 

It's also super easy to reserve your Airloft


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