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Airloft. It's a bed. It's a sofa. It changes at the touch of a button.

Looking to upgrade your work from home setup? Or do you wish you had a private space to hang out with guests? Us too. That’s why we created Airloft.


Bedroom to office in seconds

Airloft lets you transform your bedroom into an office, so you can work from your Starcity home in comfort and privacy. Pressing the button  to raise up the bed reveals a ready-to-use sofa, with a matching coffee table in place.


There's no fuss. No need to move pillows or blankets, or even the coffee table. Just press the button. That's it. Roll out of bed and within mintutes, your room is transformed into your office. You'll have ample space to sit at a desk, pace around, do deals on the phone. You know, office stuff.


Hang out with friends in your room

After work, your space can transform again. Invite over some friends to chill on your couch. Play some video games, maybe old-school N64. Your office just became your living room. Easy. 


Now it's time for bed. Don't forget to brush your teeth! Then (you guessed it), press the button on your Airloft to transform it back into your cozy, queen-sized bed. Your pillows and blankets are right where you left them. Glide into bed for a restful refreshing night of sleep. 





Size: Queen 

Movement: Electronic. Transforms into a beautifully designed sofa at the touch of a button

Mattress: works best with standard Starcity mattresses

Bedding: works with all your existing blankets, pillows, comforter, duvet cover, or whatever your bed is rocking



Couch mode

     Depth: 4'0" (front of couch seat to wall)

     Width: 6'0" (outside edges of couch arms)

     Height: 7'10"


Bed mode:

     Depth: 7'2" (from the foot of the bed to the wall)

     Width: 6'0" (outside edges of couch arms)

     Height: 2'4" (surface of a 10" thick standard Starcity mattress)




Made by a former Starcity Member

Airloft has been designed, engineered, and handcrafted by Starcity's in-house R&D team. We came up with the idea when we lived in Starcity ourselves, and wanted some more space.



Airloft Reservation

  • Details

    • $79/monthly rental cost

    • Reserve now and get your first month free!

    • Free to reserve

    • Free to install

    • Don’t love it? Swap it out for your old bed for free within your first month.



    • Installations targeted to begin in early 2021


    No risk

    • Cancel any time

    • Pay nothing if you move out of Starcity before you get your Airloft


    What’s included

    • Mechanical Airloft frame outfitted with a queen-sized mattress

    • Matching coffee table, perfectly sized to store under your bed



    • Made to order

    • We'll take care of delivering and installing your Airloft in your Starcity room

    • Installation will take 1-2 hours

    • Get the standard $200 Furniture Removal Fee waived when you upgrade your Starcity-provided bed to an Airloft



    • Available exclusively to Starcity members 

    • Unfortunately not able to be installed at Oakland Civic Center